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Kendall Layman

Author | Speaker | Executive Leader | Air Force Veteran

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The Gooder Life in Layman's Terms

Are you ready to navigate life with purpose? Be successful? Set yourself apart from the crowd?


The Gooder Life shows you the way forward. Using simple terms, you'll learn how three essential attitudes and six building block principles can help you create a more rewarding life. This is The Gooder Life, and it's waiting for you!

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"The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday." 


About Kendall Layman



Kendall Layman is a purpose-driven executive leader, speaker, and author. He's passionate about clearing roadblocks that keep organizations and individuals from the success they deserve. In his book, The Gooder Life, Kendall penned some of his most valuable insights gained over decades of work and life experiences. Allow his wisdom to be a compass, guiding you on how to stand out in a crowd, get ahead in life, and finish strong.


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Speaking engagements and mentoring are the two most fulfilling aspects of Kendall's job as he delivers common-sense advice and inspires audiences everywhere. He has spoken at universities, corporations, and countless organizations, and he would be honored to speak to your group next.

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“The book is so good I read it in one night. I couldn’t agree more with all you said although I couldn’t have written it myself.”


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“Highlighted the whole book…as a CEO and Dad I will quote it often. Home Run. This is what leaders want. A one stop shop, tell the truth, simple get it done leadership book based on values. As an Author, CEO and coach I will be sharing this book! Challenge Accepted.”


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“This rare but beautiful day has given me the opportunity to ‘finish’ with introspective self-examination your written quest for understanding. I applaud you in your expression. Thanks very much.”


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