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(The Background)
Kendall Layman

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For as long as I can remember, my mother's family has gathered each year for my Granny's birthday in March and again between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We celebrated Granny's 100th birthday in 2020 with fanfare and a large party. All six of her children are alive, and by the time all the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandkids, spouses, and children get together, we are a big group. Years ago, Uncle Neil built a large home on the old family farm. That is where we usually meet.

In my early thirties, I arrived at one of these events, and Uncle Neil greeted me with the typical, "How are you doing?" I told him I was doing okay. What he said next has stuck with me for years. He said, "There are only two kinds of days: good or gooder." 

This sort of response was typical of him. I've always considered him a wise man who hid his wisdom behind a Southern, country, Arkansas farmer personality. He's an educated man who has worked in high levels of business during his lifetime. He knew his phrase was grammatically incorrect. That's what made it unforgettable.

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Growing the seed


The idea of The Gooder Life grew from that simple seed Uncle Neil planted in my mind years ago. I'd been living The Gooder Life for years without knowing it. The practices and ideas I lived with, and often thought about, quickly fit together to create this vision and way of life. A way of life that simply encourages you to be better today than you were yesterday.


A book 


for you


This book is for anyone who is striving for more in life. Whether you're a student, parent, college graduate, executive, production worker, or athlete, you're in a season of life filled with opportunities for growth and learning. You don't have to go-it-alone. The Gooder Life is a great roadmap, and I'll navigate you through. The principles will take effort and discipline. It will not always be easy, but it will be rewarding. Ready to experience the GOODER life?

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What to expect


The world can sometimes leave you feeling stripped of free will, but The Gooder Life will reestablish your sense of freedom. The Gooder Life will allow you to be you, a better you, the best you!  Together, we'll define life-changing moments, walk through the three essential attitudes of being thankful, humble, and respectful, and address six building block principles.


I have also included reflective questions at the end of several sections that invite you to pause and thoughtfully consider how to incorporate these principles into your life. The hope is that after writing down your answers, you will be able to easily thumb back through the book to refer to what you have written.


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If my book has been meaningful to you, you have questions about living The Gooder Life, or you'd like me to come speak to your group, I'd love to hear from you.

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